About Us

Leona Selassie, an Aviator and graduate of Special studies in Aviation, a flight operations  and  flight release officer, and currently an upcoming pilot for commercial use for Agape International Charter Air Inc, a state of the art  Air Cargo. She is also the President/CEO for  AICAI, which was founded in 2005 in West Palm Beach, Florida. She was also very fortunate to be mentored and trained by Colonel  Leo Gray, a former Black Tuskegee Airman from the 105th squadron, who directed her among other pilots to complete her very first flight plan for missions, and initiated her as one of the members of the Black Tuskegee Airmen. Leona Selassie is also a Civil Air Patrol officer in the USA .She has definitely shown her diligence to the cause, by feeding the hungry  in the streets of New York City, and Florida. AICAI strategized, their course of action by aiding in a project  that builded homes for children in Sudan, and Emerged when they built an orphanage in Nigeria Africa hosting more than 200 children .Agape International Charter Air Inc  is a nonprofit  ngo and  was created for, and based on the consistency  of assisting those in need in the USA and  throughout the world, making readily available the necessities needed for their livelihood.

Mission Statement: We are committed to the cause of International Cargo via Air freight, specializing in the tangible distribution of goods to and from diverse regions, promoting the integrity and moral well- being for all those in need in the USA, throughout the world, and the whole of Africa.

Purpose: using our services to assure that the elderly, youths, orphans , and widows ,are equipped with the necessities of life to establish their security within the scope of humanity, to guide them into a greater future.

Goal 1. specializes in environmental awareness, recognizing the signs of the times, at an early stage, by developing flexible strategies, with an accuracy in Air Freight, by transporting decisive and variable goods within the time factor of logistics.

  1. promoting a focus on health and wellness that will ensure a greater future throughout the diaspora.